Frequently Asked Questions

The Following are Common Home Inspection Questions Asked

What is a home inspection? 

A home inspection is an unbiased and objective evaluation of the systems and components of a home at the time of the inspection. It is not a building code compliant inspection, those are handled by government building officials.


What does a home inspection cover? 

A home inspection includes the exterior of the home, the roof, the structure, insulation and ventilation, interior, basements and crawl spaces, electrical, heating and cooling and plumbing.


How long does the inspection take? 

A typical home inspections will take 3 to 4 hours depending on the size and condition of the home.


Does the Client have to be there for the inspection? 

The client does not have to be present for the entire home inspection, however, I strongly encourage the client to participate in the inspection process and be present for the last hour or so of the inspection. For first time home owner it is a great opportunity to learn more about how a home works and maintenance recommendations. For seasoned home owner it is an opportunity to ask questions and learn even more about a home and how all of its systems and components are intertwined. We like to answer questions so please ask.

Everything is covered with snow. Can you still inspect the home? 

Yes, we can still inspect the house, but there will obviously be a few limitations, the largest being the roof covering. When roof coverings and other exterior components are buried in snow, they can’t be inspected. It’s a lot more work for us to inspect houses when there’s a lot of snow on the ground, but it’s OK. We don’t charge any more for the inspection when we have to trudge through the snow.  

How much do you charge? 

The cost of the inspection is competitive and based on the square footage of the home so we need to gather some information before we can quote a price. The minimum charge is $320.00 for up to 1500 total square feet and then $0.05 per square foot over 1500 square feet.  

Are you licensed? 

There is currently no licensing requirements for home inspectors in Minnesota. However, I am trained and certified by Kaplan Professional schools, a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and I adhere to their standards and practices. I am also a licensed Residential Building Contractor in Minnesota and a Certified Radon Measurement Specialist. 


Can I see a copy of the Inspection Agreement before the inspection? 

Yes, when you call or email me for an appointment, I will email you a copy of the Inspection Agreement, so you can read and complete the agreement before the inspection begins. 


When do we pay for your services? 

Payment is made at the time of the inspection. The Inspection Report is not provided until payment is received.


When will I receive the inspection report? 

You will receive a copy of the inspection report via email within 24 hours of the completion of the physical home inspection.


Do you do inspections on weekends? 

I try to reserve weekends to spend time with my family, but in critical or time sensitive situations or to accommodate my client's schedule, I will perform inspections on Saturdays but not on Sundays.  


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